CO2 Incubator
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CO2 Incubators - We manufacture and sell CO2 Incubators, hyperoxia, IVF incubators, modular
incubator chambers, hot box systems, for IVF In Vitro Fertilization and stem cell and tissue culture.

The reliable air tight seal and the fast gas exchange properties of the CO2 Incubator, allow for the rapid and economical creation of a non-fluctuating hypoxic environment.

Hypoxia environments are easily achieved using the CO2 Incubator.

Simple to Use:

> Place your tissue culture cells in the Chamber.
> Attach flow meter to unit.
> Flush for several minutes with desired gas mixture.
> Seal the Chamber and place at 37oC in your laboratory incubator or warm room.

Once sealed, this is a closed air tight system. The two gas ports on the Chamber can be easily modified to allow monitoring of the pO2 inside the Chamber. Hypoxia in a publication (JBC 270:31189, 1995) a hypoxic environment was created and maintained using the Chamber and the following protocol:

A pre-analyzed gas mixture of 5% CO2 and 95% N2 was flushed through the CO2 Incubator, at the flow rate of 3 liters per min for 15 min twice a day. The pO2 reached a nadir of 35 mmHg after 6 h and remained constant the remainder of the experiment (48 h). To test for hypoxia specific regulation of gene expression, cell cultures were first exposed to pO2-35 mmHg for 24h and then returned to a normoxic environment of atmospheric air/5%CO2 at pO2=150 mmHg. The pO2 was measured with a gas analyzer (278 Blood Gas Systems).

One-year warranty against leaks, defects and breakage.

CO2 Incubator
CO2 Incubator
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CO2 Incubator